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Clothing waterproof breathable fabric

发布日期:2018-07-13 作者:Henan everbright textile import and export co. LTD. 点击:

  The main functions of waterproof breathable fabric are: waterproof, moisture permeable, breathable, insulating, windproof and warm. In terms of production technology, the technical requirements of waterproof breathable fabric are much higher than that of ordinary waterproof fabric. At the same time, from the quality point of view, waterproof breathable fabrics also have other waterproof fabrics do not have functional characteristics. Waterproof breathable fabric not only enhances the air tightness and water tightness of the fabric, but also has its unique steam permeability, which can make the water vapor in the structure be discharged quickly, avoid the mold from the structure, and keep the human body dry all the time. It perfectly solves the problems of air permeability, wind prevention, waterproof, and heat preservation, etc., and is a new type of healthy and environmental protection fabric.


  In the state of water vapor, the water particles are very small. According to the principle of capillary movement, they can infiltrate the capillary to the other side smoothly, and thus have steam permeability. When the water vapor condenses into water droplets, the particles become larger. Due to the effect of surface tension of water droplets (water molecules "pull against each other"), water molecules cannot escape from the water droplets to infiltrate the other side smoothly, which is to prevent water infiltration and make the water permeable film waterproof.


  True waterproof fabrics can withstand seepage pressure and not seepage in humid climate for a long time. For example, if you walk in the rain for a long time, kneel or sit on the wet ground, there will be no water seepage.


  The friend that contacts outdoor for a period of time certainly knows, the high-tech that outdoor clothing flaunts, high performance is very much related to the waterproof breathable of fabrics, so waterproof breathable fabrics after all how principle, all sorts of materials on the market how after all effect?


  Waterproof, breathable, sound itself is a pair of contradictory body, since waterproof, so is sealed, we all know, water is impervious to all, so how can possibly breathe? Actually this and water features, as everybody knows, the surface of the water have tension, can be found in your life, when we pour water drops a little higher than that of water tends to also won't flow, this is the result of water surface tension, this phenomenon is mainly due to water molecule has a larger molecular attraction, only makes each water molecule as closely as possible and not separate, and water vapor is also water molecules, but at this time between each molecule is completely independent, so that it can't be so closely linked together. Using this property, laboratory tests have found that if the hole is small enough, it can pass only water in the vapor state, not liquid water. Using this feature so invented the waterproof breathable material, is the use of polyester fiber material staggered form multiple tiny hole in the fabric, with the most common waterproof breathable material GORE - TEX, for example, the principle of the material is not square inch up to hundreds of millions of small scattered, each hole diameter is one over twenty thousand of the minimum liquid droplets, but 700 times larger than the minimum water vapor state, this is the principle of waterproof and breathable.



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