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Trend of functional textile fabrics

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Trend of functional textile fabrics

1. Antibacterial textile fabric

Textile fabric with antibacterial function plays an important role in preventing the invasion of pathogens. The daily necessities made with antibacterial functional textile fabrics have gradually been paid attention to, and with the development of science and technology, the details of life are widely and deeply radiated. For example, the use of textiles and household goods made from anti mite and antibacterial fabric fibers can not only inhibit mites and drive mites, effectively prevent the occurrence of dermatosis related to dust mites, but also can antibacterial and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, thus achieving the purpose of improving the living environment of people. Antibacterial household textiles can be obtained through coating or resin treatment on fabrics, and natural pure textiles are commonly used after finishing technology. The antibacterial agents can also be added into the fiber raw liquid to blend spinning, or the common fibers are grafted with antibacterial agents to produce antibacterial fibers, and then the antibacterial fibers are woven to get antibacterial household textiles. At present, the widely used antibacterial products are bedding, cotton wool, bed sheets, towels, towel quilts, cotton blankets, carpets, bathrobe, cloth, sand, wall cloth, mop, tablecloth, napkin, bath curtain and so on.

2. Antistatic home textile fabric

In the field of household textiles, synthetic fibers make up for the shortage of natural fibers and are widely used, but their hygroscopicity is poor, and it is easy to accumulate static electricity. The textile fabrics are easily dustling, stained, and poor in air permeability, which will cause electric shock and even fire in serious cases. Therefore, people hope textile can have antistatic property, that is, fabric itself can eliminate static electricity. There are two kinds of antistatic methods: one is antistatic finishing to the fabric, and an antistatic finishing agent is used in the post finishing to attract a layer of hydrophilic film on the surface of the fiber. It can improve the moisture absorption of the fabric, reduce the friction coefficient and the surface specific resistance. Two, the fiber is first made into conductive fiber and then the conductive fiber is woven into fabric. . Antistatic fabrics have been applied in bedding, curtains and other home textile products.

3. Anti ultraviolet fabric

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body. If people irradiate ultraviolet rays for a long time, they will develop dermatitis, pigmentation, skin aging and even cancer. If the textiles can be made into UV resistant textiles, the harm to the human body will be greatly reduced. There are two ways to deal with ultraviolet radiation. One is the finishing method; the other two is directly made into ultraviolet resistant fiber, and then weaves the fabric into fabric. The so-called anti ultraviolet fiber is the UV shielding agent through melt spinning to produce anti ultraviolet fiber, the matrix has synthetic fiber or artificial fiber, the fabric of this fiber is more than 95% of the UV shielding rate, suitable for making curtains and other household anti ultraviolet textiles.

4, functional and hi-tech

With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the requirements for textiles are gradually extended from soft, comfortable, breathable and breathable fabrics, wind proof and rain proof fabric to the function and environmental protection of anti moth prevention, odor proof, anti ultraviolet, radiation proof, flame retardant, antistatic, health care and non-toxic, and the development and application of various new types of fabrics As well as the development of new technology and new technology, these requirements are gradually realized. Functional household textiles refer to household textiles with special functions, such as safety function, comfort function and hygienic function. At present, our country's functional household textiles are mainly concentrated in the health and health care efficiency, such as antibacterial, odor proof, anti mite products and healthy sleeping bedroom articles.



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