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Major events in cotton yarn industry in 2021

发布日期:2022-01-06 作者:CCFGroup 点击:

Major events and trade situationPrice trendPrice change of C32S
JanThe trades performed well in early Jan under pre-holiday restocking, and the buying was mainly from traders. Cotton yarn price was pushed up. Then with Spring Festival coming, logistics reduced and the trading sentiment on the market weakened. Adding falling ZCE cotton futures, some cotton yarn prices fell back.Falling back slightly after surging840yuan/mt (-3.60%)
FebDuring Spring Festival holiday, the trades were stagnant. After the holiday, bulk commodities soared with the expectation of inflation, including cotton. In addition, downstream demand recovered and orders showed tough support. Traders also replenished crazily. As a result, cotton yarn saw hot trades and its price was pushed up.Surging1490yuan/mt (-6.20%)
MarIn early Mar, the good trades sustained and cotton yarn price further climbed up. Then under the impacts of macro panic brought by the sharp rise of US treasury yields and the ban of Europe and the US on Xinjiang cotton, ZCE cotton futures lumped and the trading sentiment of cotton yarn cooled down quickly. Traders became active sellers and purchased less, and their prices fell back largely.Falling back largely after soaring-1220yuan/mt (-4.8%)
AprZCE cotton futures stopped falling and rebounded. With peak season, downstream orders improved and traders kept buying, so cotton yarn was traded hotly and the price rallied.Rebounding after stabilizing-340yuan/mt (-1.40%)
MayIn the first half month, cotton yarn market sustained the vigorous performance with cotton yarn price rising further. Then ZCE cotton futures returned with stronger expectation to Fed's raising interest and the frequent calls for China to deal with the spike of bulk commodities. Then cotton yarn stepped into slack season gradually and the price inched down.stabilizing after rising, and inching down in end-May630yuan/mt (-2.50%)
JunIn Jun, cotton yarn market stepped into traditional dull season for textile industry and adding the decrease of cotton price in the first half month, the trading sentiment of cotton yarn continued to depress and the price dipped. In the second half month, ZCE cotton futures rallied and the trades on cotton yarn market improved. The anticipation of market participants tended better again and traders were active in restocking, cementing cotton yarn price again. But the increase in conventional cotton yarn was not as large as that in high-count one.Rebounding from sliding20yuan/mt(0.1%)
JulCotton price was pushed up by the expectation of rush harvest of seed cotton. Traders and downstream weavers purchased actively, making commercial stocks of cotton yarn reach high and cotton yarn price surge. However, the trades reduced gradually along with the price rise. In end-Jul, Henan suffered heavy rain and the operating rate of the mills in flood area was affected.Surging1570yuan/mt (-6.20%)
AugIn the first half of Aug, cotton yarn price sustained previous uptrend, but the transactions reduced. In mid-Aug, Fed implied tapering plan, making cotton price down. Accordingly, cotton yarn price decreased amid soft demand and reluctant buyers for high price. Some cotton yarn mills could not run normally due to electricity restriction caused by the heavy rain. In the second half month, the operating r ate resumed gradually.Climbing up and then declining80yuan/mt (-0.30%)
SepIn tradition peak season, cotton yarn was dull in Sep with inadequate downstream orders, lower run rate of weavers caused by electricity restriction and reduced consumption of cotton yarn. By end-Sep, new Xinjiang cotton started to arrive at the market. The high cost brought sharp rebound to ZCE cotton futures, as well as cotton yarn price. In Sep, affected by dual control, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang implemented electricity restriction respectively.Declining and then moving up350yuan/mt (-1.3%)
OctDuring National Day holiday (Oct 1-7), the price of Xinjiang seed cotton climbed up continuously and ZCE cotton futures opened and hiked to the highest after the holiday. Cotton yarn price was affected to jump. However, with poor demand, traders turned to put priority on sales instead of purchasing under big-ticket cotton yarn. Subsequently, cotton price fluctuated amid cotton policy and regulation of coal price. When cotton price no longer moved up, cotton yarn price was dragged down by the dull demand. The spot profit of cotton yarn also plummeted to negative side.Inching down after spiking2050yuan/mt (-7.5%)
NovCotton yarn demand remained bleak and the inventory accumulated to high. The price was weak and moved down further in end-Nov affected by Omicron variant.Decreasing-450yuan/mt (-1.5%)
DecDuring end-Nov and early Dec, the sharp return of ZCE cotton futures begot market panic. In the first half of Dec, cotton yarn trades were scarce and the price moved down. In the second half month, ZCE cotton futures stabilized and even rebounded. In the meantime, downstream restocking for the coming holiday increased, promoting the sales of cotton yarn, but the volume was limited. Cotton yarn price maintained stable on the whole.Stabilizing after decreasing, with some stable-770yuan/mt (-2.7%)




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